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The Rooke Charity was founded in 1700 and the Yonge Charity in 1811.  The original schemes were mainly aimed at providing relief for those in need and help for the sick and infirm who were resident in Cornwood Parish, which was very relevant before the days of the NHS and the Welfare system.  Both schemes were revised with the Charity Commissioners in 1972 and 1993 to make them more relevant to current times.  They include educational grants for parishioners in further education or job training and for the provision of religious tracts.  The original intentions of the Charities are paramount and Trustees give due consideration to the principles of public benefit when grants are considered.

In the Rooke Charity scheme, trustees consider applications for grants from students (18 or over) undertaking further education at College or University (first degree) or job training in pursuit of their aims of earning a living.  These grants are usually advertised in the Village magazine in September and application forms can be obtained from trustees.

Under the Yonge Charity scheme, trustees consider grants to help the elderly and infirm, provide respite care, and help towards the provision of aids or equipment which are not available from other sources.  The Yonge Charity currently donates towards the cost of minibus transport which enables local people to travel to the Ivybridge Health Centre, Library etc.  As it proved to be extremely difficult to satisfactorily identify and assess individually, it was decided many years ago that all parishioners receiving the state pension would receive a Christmas gift.  This has to be considered each year and is a feature that to date has been maintained.  Contacts for both charities are:

A number of the trustees are nominative, appointed by the Parish Council and a number are co-opted, appointed by resolution of the trustees.  Appointments are usually based on expertise, interest and awareness of the village life of the young and elderly.  They are therefore well informed and able to administer the intention of the charities appropriately. However, trustees are always grateful to be informed of possible situations which may have been missed.

As with most charities, the trustees are restricted by reductions in investment incomes.  A way of insuring that the intentions of the founders of our parish charities continue for years to come is to increase the investment portfolio by inviting support from those who are able by way of legacies or donations.  A gift in your will or a donation now would make a lasting difference in helping to promote the ongoing work of these two ancient charities.

Alan Hutson (chair) 837695

Janet Milligan (secretary) 837566

Andrew Bawn (treasurer) 837507