Parish Council Projects

Cornwood Parish Council takes on a variety of community projects, many of them were identified in the Community Plan written in 2019.  Our current projects are described here.

Improving access to Heathfield

We are lucky enough to have a permissive path that connects Cornwood to Heathfield open access land and the Community Orchard.  At the far end of the path, it crosses a very boggy bit of field just before crossing a stream.  This mean the path is impassable in wet weather - which is quite a lot of the time!  The Parish Council is working with the permission of the landowner to improve this part of the path, replace the stiles with gates and upgrade the bridge so that more people are able to use the path more of the time.

This is what has happened so far:

  • Volunteers have dredged a nearby stream to reduce the amount of water running into the boggy area 

  • Dartmoor National Park has very kindly built a new bridge and replaced the stiles with self-closing gates

The next step is for volunteers to build a boardwalk across the boggy bit to join up with the bridge.  We are currently working through the cost of doing this so we know whether it is something that the Parish Council can afford to pay for or whether we will need to fundraise.