Yealm to Moor

This project has a long term objective to create a wildlife corridor within the river Yealm catchment from Estuary to Moor (YEM), by connecting up and restoring fragmented habitats.   The work will be supervised and directed by a professional NGO (Non - Governmental Organisation) with the appropriate skills, such as ecologists and farming liaison officers.  The NGO that has been chosen to lead is the Southwest Rivers Trust, who has all the necessary expertise for the wildflower, woodland, wetland and moorland habitats.  In addition, YEM has been pledged support from Dartmoor Parks Authority and the South Devon AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) at both ends of the scheme. 


The Environment groups (EGs) cooperating to provide the volunteers for restoration work are Newton & Noss Environment Group (NNEG), Wembury EG, Yealmpton EG, PL21 and, because not all communities have environmental groups, Brixton, Sparkwell and Cornwood Parish Councils have also identified contacts from their communities.


If you would like to be part of this exciting project and volunteer, please contact me on or for Cornwood