Citizen Scientists

Cornwood Environment Group  (CEG)

 Citizen Scientists for the Yealm and her Tributaries

Water quality citizen science is all about people helping the West Country Rivers Trust to conduct real scientific research. 


By being a CEG “Water Warden” you’ll help:

  • To produce data that can be used to target work and identify degrading water bodies.

  • To spot pollution events which can be dealt with as quickly as possible.

  • When you become a CEG Water Warden, you’ll be helping to look after our rivers - Broadall, Piall and Yealm - their habitats and wildlife

  • You’ll be a small but important and vital cog in a much bigger wheel. 


Take a look at the West Country Rivers Trust Website under the ‘Get Involved’ tab. 


Why not team up with family and/or friends and become Water Warden Buddies visiting, sampling and recording the same site.  You will start by taking three observational surveys, using the Westcountry CSI (Citizen Scientist Investigations) form.   You’ll be able to record information on plants, wildlife, river condition and any visible pollution.  As long as you record a time and location you can fill in as much or as little of the form as you like.  Once you’re up and running with the observational measurements, there is also the option to take some water quality measurements too – using some simple equipment that the WRT can provide.

When you’ve done your survey by the river and added your data on the ‘Cartographer’ website, (training can be given if required) you’ll then be able to see it on an interactive map alongside everybody else’s surveys.  WRT recommend monthly sampling if you can.  With 12 or more surveys spread evenly over the year, they can produce a scorecard for our catchment based on the data.

When you sign up, please say that you’re part of the Cornwood Citizen Scientist Investigations team.