The 4 Rivers Dementia Alliance

Cornwood Parish Council is a member of The 4 Rivers Dementia Alliance (4RDA) - a group of town and parish councils in South West Devon, and other interested organisations, working together to promote dementia friendly communities.  The Parish Councils are Bickleigh, Shaugh Prior, Cornwood, Sparkwell, Harford, South Brent, Rattery, Diptford, North Huish, Ringmore, Ugborough, Modbury, Kingston, Ermington, Yealmpton, Brixton, Holbeton, Newton & Noss, Wembury, including Ivybridge Town Council.


The 4RDA website explains that a dementia friendly community is a city, town or village where people living with dementia and their families are understood, respected and supported, and confident they can continue to contribute to community life.  In a dementia-friendly community, people will be aware of and understand dementia. People living with dementia will feel included and involved and have choice and control over their day-to-day lives.






Also you will start to see a new type of sign around the place, starting in the village hall.  Dementia friendly signage is an important step for community buildings to help people navigate to exits and toilets.  You can read about how to make buildings suitable for people living with dementia in the Dementia Friendly Environment Checklist.  

To learn more about the 4RDA, go to their website

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It really is just about kindness and inclusivity – our aim is that all people living with dementia and their families and carers will feel welcome to join in with our community events.  You will increasingly see the use of the 4RDA logo on posters for events in our Parish – the Coffee Stop is already using it.